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Thank you for your time. Speculations about what could result if EM radiation passed beyond 10^40 hertz?

It is reported that the highest recorded gamma ray burst was within 10^30 hertz in frequency. I need some physics wizards here. In your wildest speculative dreams, what is the consequence of EM radiation emitted at a frequency of over 10^40 hertz? What would be its effect on the environment or on living things? Ionizing? Materializing? Thank you.

At 10^40 Hz, the wavelength would be on par or smaller then some subatomic particles. The Energy E=h*nu would be powerful enough to ionize any particle, and possibly even break apart atomic nuclei.

Heck, at that energy, if it interacts with particle-antiparticle pairs in spacetime itself it will create particles for quite a while before it runs out of energy.

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