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I tried making fudge, but it's taffy like consistency?

I tried making fudge. I got it a bubbly boil and when i reduced the heat it would not come up to temp of 232. I kept mixing and turned up the heat until I did get it to 232. I probably cooked it for 20-30 minutes after it boiled until I got it to reach this temperature.It never stopped bubbly boiling the entire time. I dropped some in a cup of water. its kinda turned to a shape that i could touch with my finger and it was fairly solid. I removed it from the heat and added vanilla and butter. I let it sit until the butter was melted then mixed it more. then I poured it onto a butter coated plate. When it set up it is more of a taffy consistency. I also used 2% milk. Should i use evaporated milk for a better result?

OK you shouldn't use the recipes that do not have marshmellow fluff in it. It never gets right. I am a chef of 10 years and if theres no fluff in it it always fails me. I have tried all the recipes i could find including the one thats given to you above. If you get the Jet-Puffed Marshmellow Fluff there is a recipe on there and it works!!! I made fudge to that recipe adding my own twicks to the recipe and it won a sweets compition in my Home State. I wish i could tell you the recipe but all my fluff is at the restraurant. Sorry Try


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