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How are your favorite teams draft picks working out so far?

The linebacker the Ravens drafted from Texas (Sergio Kindle) got the nod of approval from Ray Lewis in training camp. He is having difficulty with the play book and speed of the game; but his instincts, movements, and ability to learn have the Ravens smiling. How are your draft picks working out so far?

My Colts picked a DE for the first round. I was happy as could be. They need a guy to fill in for Freeney and Mathis. They addressed their biggest weakness in the Super Bowl and picked up the leading guy in sacks in college football. I love it! Also with their very last pick they drafted Ray Fisher who averages the longes punt returns of anybody in the country. They've been lacking that for several years with TJ Rushing. And Fisher is very versatile. Just think, Peyton Manning with a short field! I also like that they added some beef to the OL with 4th round pick Jacques McClendon. At 324 pounds this guy can protect Peyton and open some holes for the running backs. I also liked the Colts focus on defense for the first 3 rounds. The defense needed more attending to than the offense to kind of balance the team. The one downturn has been the loss of 3rd round pick Kevin Thomas due to an injury, but I'm sure they'll find a way to recover like they always do and Polian is the king of picking talented undrafted rookies.

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