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how do you repair a powder coated bumper?

I have powder coated bumpers on my jeep and they are starting to show a small bit of surface rust. is there any way to repair them with out having them recoated?

If you've got powder coating that's showing rust, then you've probably worn through the powder coating in those places and you need a repair.

There are two courses of action (maybe more) once you make sure that it's worn through.

One is to find a matching paint. It's possible that you can find something like a duplicolor. What I would prefer myself would probably be a custom mix on color and luster than could be heat dried, i.e. a heat lamp or something else. It makes a better bond assuming there is an equal surface preparation.

It might be possible to do a spot recoat, but probably not and you'd want to be sure you had someone who knew his stuff before you tried it.

Recoating the whole bumper is probably the best option. If you can take it off and put it back on, you're ahead of the game. There are shops all over the place that do this. If you have a Jeep dealer, ask them who they use and price it out. Typically, they will strip down to the bare metal and recoat it all.

It is possile for you to recoat the bumper yourself. A company called caswell sells a lot of DIY coatings including form of chrome plating. I'd take the claims with a tad of salt, but their website will give you an idea of the process and what's involved.

Powder coating is really not much more than another form, a dry form, of painting. It tends to adhere better than paint and leaves fewer places for moisture, etc. to get in once it's been heat fused.

I've done some decent looking powder coating, but only on things like cameras trying to find a wearable match for painted areas.

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