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Is a multivitamin really helpful for vegan donating plasma? Help!?

I think I've heard before that too many vitamins can be harmful. Well I've been on a vegan diet for eight months now. I have also been "donating" plasma for 4-5 months. Everything has always been really good in my screening before donating until the past two weeks. Apparently I should eat more iron rich foods which is the common cause of having a low red blood cell count. But I already do! I don't have much time to eat a lot of variety but I still think I eat well. I don't know what more to do. I can't eat anymore because I'm gaining weight as it is. I already weight 127 lbs at 5'5. This is what I ate today:

Green smoothie: Spinach, pineapple, almond milk. and hemp protein powder.
Plate of beans and some bread
Plate of stir fry with vegetables, brown rice and tofu

You think you are eating healthy, but you need more balance to your diet and a way to get a combination of essential amino acids at one meal.

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