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What Dungeons and Dragons playable race gives a plus in intelligence?

None of the main races do, but are there and obscure races that do?

For 3.5:

Well, in Faerun, or the Faerun Campaign Setting book, Sun Elves have +2 to INT. So do Air Genasi, & Fire Genasi. Tieflings as well also have a +2 to INT. While you may not be playing a Forgotten Realms game, ask your DM if these races are options. As for other possibilities, check into Unearthed Arcana. Racial Paragon paths for Elf, Half-elf, and Human can get +2 to INT.

If your're playing 4E, the eladrin offer +2 to INT. So do Tieflings, Devas, Gnomes, all Genasi, and Shadar-Kai for playable races. Humans get a +2 to any stat, so they can have it as well.

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