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what is a cool sounding guitar chord progression to use with the Kumoi scale.?

looking for a great sounding progression to really bring out the exotic sound of the Kumoi. can you also explain the reason for why you chose a particular chord and include the your. chosen key.

Well the Kumoi scale is basically a pentatonic version of Phrygian. 1 b2 4 5 b6
Omitting the 3rd and 7th makes for some unique sounds (just like the major pentatonic scale has a distinct character apart from the major scale). You can also use this bit of ambiguity to your advantage.

The first thing that comes to mind is to use it over something that suggest Phrygian... perhaps a i bII vamp. Since there's no third in the scale, maybe you could use I bII.

Another idea would be to use it as an incomplete Dorian scale. Say you've got a situation where A Dorian would be nice. You could use B Kumoi, which would give you the 2 b3 5 6 and b7 of A Dorian. That should sound pretty cool (avoiding the root is always an interesting sound).

Lots of stuff you could do, but don't expect to convince anyone that you know jack about Japanese music just because you're using a scale based off of koto tunings.

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