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I'm looking to buy a grill for my new patio, Any suggestions on what to look for when buying one?

We are looking to use a propane grill, neither my wife or I have used a grill before. I hope to spend no more than 300-400 on this.

To begin, look for a grille with a high BTU rating. Also, get one that minimally has 3 burners, preferably 4. You can figure the number of burners by looking at the number of control knobs on the front. A side burner is a matter of personal choice, but it does come in handy for cooking something in a pot while you are grilling. Many stores have some very impressive looking stainless steel grilles. The trick is - what grade of stainless is it. The better grades of stainless (304 for example) will not let a magnet stick to it, the lesser grades will allow a magnet to stick to it. If the grilles themselves are porcelain coated - DO NOT get one of those "grille brushes", eventually it'll remove the protective porcelain coating and allow rust to start. Don't use anything abrasive on a porcelain coated grille surface. Sears has some really nice grilles for sale now, check them out.

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