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Has Anyone Got Tips For A Budding Busker?

Any hints, tips or past knowledge would be cool! I play accoustic guitar and harmonica.

If you intend to play the Guitar and Harp together (using a rack?) make sure you tune the guitar to the harmonica, theres nothing worse than two instruments out of tune to each other.

Vary the Keys you play in, rather than keep playing the same 4 or 5 chords.

Learn 5 or 6 songs WELL, rather than 20 badly, most punters will listen on the fly rather than stand there expecting a full gig, so you can repaet yourself

Kids love to give money to buskers, and always seem to react well to a well played harmonica.

Carry spare strings,harps and at least a bottle of water, rather than spend your hard earned cash in the nearest Buckstarrs when you are parched.

If you are asked/told to move on by dont argue the toss, or you COULD be done for obstruction.

Don't hog a good pitch, if its obvious its used by other buskers, learn to take/wait your turn. (average pitch time in my town, Southend-on-sea, is 2-3 hours).

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