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i just started playing a diatonic harmonica and im just wondering what are some good Blues songs?

im a beginner
and what songs at www.harptabs.com are some good blues?
in diatonic,
beginners level or intermediate
thank you

A quick glance at the front page of harptabs.com tells me that there's not much blues on there. I learned piano man by accident when I first started. I think you should try amazing grace and star wars.

I don't think harptabs is the best place for you to work on learning blues. I DO think tabs can be useful for you to build familiarity with the instrument. It's nice, when starting out, to be able to make music quickly. If you know a song already (like amazing grace) it is a lot of fun to pick it out on the harmonica. This builds confidence and will keep you wanting to learn more.

Playing blues isn't really something that tabs out well for the beginner. There are a lot of techniques that you just don't know yet. Also, there's so much improv. involved.

A better approach to learning about blues harmonica is to work with a "building blocks" approach. Learn about the 12-bar progression, what notes on the harmonica go over which chord, the blues and pentatonic scales on the harmonica... etc. meanwhile, you should be learning to bend notes and do simple techniques like hand wah's and trills or shakes.

You're fortunate that there has been a recent flood of high quality FREE harmonica instruction added to youtube. There are also many books and CD's. For youtube, i reccommend ronnieshellist, kudzurunner, jamcamp06, and jasonricci. (my vids are under "12gagedan")

Look for books by Jon Gindick (jamcamp06) and David Barrett.

Back to your original question for a second. Get some blues CD's. Little Walter, Big Walter, Junior Wells, Muddy Waters, Kim Wilson, Charlie Musslewhite, Paul Butterfield......etc. There's a "Blues Harmonica Masters" CD that will give you a taste of many greats.


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