Harmonica Music

Anybody know any good harmonica music?

I'm looking for music that incorporates harmonica very well. However, I'm not looking for music in which the harmonica is the main instrument or the focal point of the songs. Thanks.

Your question about songs that incorporates the harmonica into the song without the harmonica being the focal point is an interesting one, because more often than not nowadays if harmonica is in a song it is a lead instrument.
However, the old blues harmonica players were true journeymen musicians who had to blend in with lots of bands and situations

- a perfect example of this is the Muddy Waters band
- my highest recommendation right off would be most of his Chess recordings - he always used the best players, and we're talking James Cotton and Little Walter, just for starters.

Of course there's tons of other music where the harmonica blends in so well that you almost don't realize that it's there - on lots of film soundtracks, for example. I'd suggest keeping your ears open for that and start noting down when you hear an example.

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