Hohner 10

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Hohner harmonica key of C?

So I have a hohner harmonica in the key of C, I'm a beginner but I've played the piano almost my whole life so I know music. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tabs of scales to play? Or recommend some good songs to learn... I've already learned Piano man by Billy Joel and Heart of Gold by Neil Young. Thanks:)

If you play piano, don't do harmonica by tab; do it by pitch notation.

A 10-hole diatonic, unlike a piano, only has available for your use the notes of the scale it's based on. Yours is C major so you have C D E F G A B C in several octaves.

But, the scale on a harmonica, as you've probably noticed, isn't linear nor complete. The Richter tuned (what a Hohner 10-hole diatonic is) has the pattern

blow = C E G C E G C E G C (I chord anywhere you blow)
draw = D G B D F A B D F A

To play a straight diatonic scale you start on 4 blow and play the pattern:

4 -4 5 -5 6 -6 -7 7
blow draw blow draw blow draw draw blow

Getting a feel for this part makes all the difference in the world for most people who play other instruments and know about music.

Notice down in the bottom you don't have an F or A (IV and vi) so any tune or scale that needs those is out down there. But, for blues playing you have a really nice G pentatonic scale and that's why blues players use a C harp to play in G (crossharp)

The scales you have available on a C major harp are: C major, D dorian, E phrygian, F lydian, G mixolydian (V7), A minor, B locrian.

Know too that there are some other sorts of harmonicas you might prefer since you know music already. The chromatic and solo-tuned diatonics (Hohner Marine Band 364s and most Asian tuned tremolos and octave harps) isn't missing that IV and vi down in the bottom so are really good for tune playing. The chromatic also has all of the notes of the chromatic scale available to you. They aren't so hot for blues style chord vamping (three chord trick) but they rule for playing melodic lines.

You're much better off using your ear to learn tunes from the start than relying on tab but if you need it, there's plenty of "free harmonica tabs" available via a Google search.

Happy harping.

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