Hohner Blues

What's the difference between a Hohner Marine Band harmonica and the Hohner Blues harp?

I'm really into the blues and my harmonica just broke (thanks little brother...) And I'm looking to buy a new one but I'm drawn between the two. Thanks for any and all help and thanks for checking out the post! :)

The two are similar in function. The difference is in design.

Most significant is that the Marine Band is a wooden comb, nails-in-wood construction whereas the Blues Harp is a sealed wooden comb with screw mount construction.

The Blues Harp belongs to a model hierarchy Hohner created called the Modular System (MS) that is intended to make the harp easily user maintained and upgraded. All of the parts within the MS system are designed to be user replaceable and interchangeable. What that means is that you can replace your reeds (or covers, or even the comb) on a Blues Harp much easier than you can on a Marine Band. One common complaint for years about the Marine Band is the complexity of servicing one - the Blues Harp takes care of much of that concern.

A lot of players feel that the Blues Harp reeds blow more freely and bend easier though they also wear-out faster than will the Marine Band. Most prefer the sealed wooden comb of the Blues Harp too though the traditionalists just like the look and feel of the Marine Band's raw comb. The raw wood is more prone to warping if you play wet.

To the ear; very few professionals would be able to hear the difference let alone most listeners. They are, essentially, the same harp with slightly different design is all.

I like them both find but find I always reach for the Marine Band first.

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