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Before You Choose an Architecture School

How to Choose the Best School

Hundreds of colleges and universities offer classes in architecture and related fields. How do you choose the best architecture school? These links and resources will help you find the best schools for architecture and to decide which school is right for you.

Types of Architecture Degrees

There are several different paths you can take toward an Architecture degree. One route is to enroll in a 5-year Bachelor or Master of Architecture program. Or, you can earn a bachelor\\'s degree in another field such as mathematics, engineering, or even art. Then go on to graduate school for a 2- or 3-year Masters degree in Architecture. These different paths each have advantages and disadvantages. Consult with your academic advisors and teachers. You can also ask professional architects about the type of training they recommend.

* Types of Architecture Programs

Accredited Architecture Programs

An accredited architecture program is one that has met standards set by an established board. In the USA, architecture degree programs are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). In other countries, a variety of governing bodies establish the guidelines. In most (although not all) regions, an approved degree is an important requirement for licensing as an architect.

* Find Accredited Architecture Programs

* Archimaster International Directory of Graduate Schools

Architecture Training Programs

Many fascinating careers related to architecture do not require a degree from an accredited architecture program. Perhaps you would like to work in drafting, digital design, or home design. A technical school or an art school may be the ideal place to pursue your education. These search engines will help you locate both accredited and non-accredited architecture programs anywhere in the world.

* Schools for Art and Drafting

* Architecture Training Programs

* Architecture Schools: International

Architecture School Ranks

With so many schools to choose from, where do you begin? Well, you can look at manuals such as America\\'s Best Architecture & Design Schools, which evaluates schools according to a variety of criteria. Or, you can check general rankings of college and university programs.

* America\\'s Best Architecture & Design Schools (Compare Prices)

* America\\'s Best Colleges: US News & World Report

Architecture Schools and Your Special Needs

Beware of rankings. You may have interests that aren\\'t reflected in statistical reports. Before you choose an architecture school, think closely about your personal needs. Send away for catalogs, visit a few prospective schools, and talk to people who have attended there.

Architecture Internships

Regardless of the school you select, eventually you will need to obtain an internship and receive specialized training outside the classroom. In the USA and many other parts of the world, an internship usually lasts about three years.

Advice from Architecture Grads

Searching for the right school can be both exciting and terrifying. Take time to dream, but also consider practical considerations such as location, finances, and the general atmosphere of the school. As you narrow down your choices, feel free to post questions in our discussion forum. Perhaps someone who has recently graduated can offer a few tips. Good luck!

* Architecture Discussion Forum

Studying Architecture Online

Can you get an architecture degree through online study? Probably not. You will need to attend classes and do studio work to learn the required skills and design principles. However, you may be able to take some architecture courses online. You might even be able to earn a 2-year Associate\\'s degree that will help you get started in your architecture studies. Better yet, some schools offer online architecture classes for free. You can\\'t earn a degree through these classes, but they\\'ll help you decide whether you want to pursue architecture as a career.

* Online Classes in Architecture

* Free Architecture Classes

Source: http://architecture.about.com/cs/schools/bb/schools.htm

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