Hohner Tremolo

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Left-handed guitar of the unsung heroes

Product Description

Paul Reed Smith is known as a top luthier, and now the unsung heroes of the guitar, left-handed, you can experience some of his main craft

Neck and body

Tiger Woods hand selected, lovingly treatment

Poverty reduction strategies at the top

A very small per cent reduction in North America are actually figured maple. To make "10" status, there must be clearly defined at the top of a poverty reduction strategy is not "dead" point in its entire top of the chart. Paul's "10" T-shirt is the best and most beautiful guitar, you can expect to see. Endless maintenance and mahogany tone is provided with the delivery of this custom 22 spades. Lead crystal clear warm tone and gorgeous MID and low assurance. Indian rosewood Indian rosewood fingerboard is the board has long been considered the most beautiful grain of Woods. Deep, rich and elegant, custom finger board 22 to provide beauty and tone of this masterpiece of
epiphone sg g-400

Hardware and Pickup

Monster extension!

PRS Paul Reed Smith guitars in addition to 59/09 "1957/2008 series pickup line is the latest. Deep, with the neck of the clarity and brightness of the touch functions of the
jackson rr1
is more Powerful, 59/09 provides a respectful alternative to the original tone 1957/2008 pickups, articulate and rich harmonic overtones of the industry. PRS tremolo returns Reed Smith in 1984, Paul was awarded a patent to his tremolo system. Design element is very simple, some important differences as the traditional fulcrum tremolo.

* In a PRS bridge before six cutting-edge counter-sink the screw holes from below, providing six brass knife-edge fulcrum. These gaps in the remaining six brass screws. This knife set, to ensure that after use, the bridge will return to court.

* Vibrato bridge pocket constantly moving sideways from six independent adjustable saddle, thereby eliminating another traditional cause of instability in adjustment.

* Tremolo block drilled out the end of the ball resting under the bridge bottom right. This makes it less string behind the bridge saddle, so there are fewer opportunities to detuning, through the appropriate stretch string.

* There are no rough edges.

* All illustrations and brass adjusting screws.

* Non-threaded tremolo arm for a hard plastic sleeve you put it to stay in a small screw through the side of the bridge, facing the tail of the guitar (intonation adjustment screw location), so it does not swing or cut block.

Technical Information

jackson guitars
is pleased to five years, providing its first left-hander limited production customs. First announced in 1993, Custom 22 is a typical poverty-reduction strategies and maple veneer, mahogany back, wide-fat mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and inlaid birds. This operation has been updated, including the 2011 maple top stains and found 59/09 pickup handsome choice, wide neck and between the bridge pickup tone spread provides excellent flexibility.


Top wood: Flame maple top 10


Back to the wood: mahogany


Complete: V12


Distress: 22


Scale Length: 25


Neck wood: mahogany


Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood


Neck Shape: Wide Fat


Fingerboard inlay: Abalone "old school" bird


Bridge: PRS tremolo bridge


Tuners: PRS low mass locking tuners


Hardware type: Nickel


Treble Pickup: bare 59/09 Treble


Bass pickup: Inside 59/09 Bass


Pickup Switching: Volume and push / pull 3-way toggle pickup selection tone control

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