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How can I teach myself to play the acoustic guitar?

I have always wanted to play the guitar but I always found it too intimidating to devote any real amount of time to. I have an acoustic guitar that is more a decoration than an instrument. It sits abandoned in the corner of the room. How can I tech myself to play my guitar?

Alright to start lets see get a pick. Also start by learning basic chords like C, D, E, G, A, D, and later F the easier is C (which I will use a lot while explaining stuff to you). Just look up C diagram on Google. And buy a metronome and tuner which will cost about 50$ or more together just do it. and look up how to tune a guitar the hiest to lower formation is E-B-G-D-A-E. K you can teach your self either by using the internet or get beginning books. Personally it's easier to get beginner book. Mel bay like Mastering the guitar 1A which I bet you will have to order and also a good one is Hal Leonard Guitar method. Also look up finger exercises on you tube and how to hold a pick and a guitar. Which will give you a visual experience. Start by learn easy songs which will be in the books I told you about. like twinkle little star, ode to joy (which was my first song). And also once you know a little stuff don't listen after this if you wan. Keep in mind they will take like a few weeks to play its really hard at first. Also learn the frets well and by that I mean the note. Also theory, scales, and chord spellings for example a c chord is C - E -G.

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