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Beginning Blues Guitar - The History of Blues Music In America and Why It Is Important

The blues music became popular in America during the early 1900’s. Guitar, piano and harmonica were the basic blues instruments. Blues style had started with mainly the instrumental type of music but later singing also played a key role in most blues songs. This music was mainly originated by the African-American community in the southern United States. The origin of the style is also closely related to the religious music of the African-American community. The original blues songs were played by slaves and poorer white people mainly conveying sorrow and defiance. Later the style developed into various forms such as country and played a great role in development of rock and roll.

This style of music got the name “Blues” in 1925. The name “The Blues” which meant sadness came from the one-act farce “Blue Devil” by George Coleman. The “Dallas Blues” was the song given by Hart Wand which was attested and became the first copyrighted blues composition. The style blues can be further subdivided ranging from country to urban blues. Delta, Piedmont, Jump and Chicago Blues styles are the most popular forms of the blues music form. The style transformed from acoustics to electric blues and by 1970 a new form called Blues-Rock came in.

By 1900 the music moved from group performances to more of individualized styles. A few characteristics remained common in all forms of blues music. However things like call-and-response shouts were present long before the creation of modern blues. From a vocal music of slaves, the blues developed to a wide variety of styles in United States. However, no specific African-American music can be identified as the single ancestor of the blues. The recorded music of blues can be found from as back as 1920’s.

The history and music of blues remains to be very important for America. The songs and guitar playing styles given by the Blues were adapted by different other music. The Blues singing and
blues guitar
methods became the heart of American musical culture. The guitar techniques and vocal phrasings are still being followed in most of the styles of American modern music. All the American music is rooted in the Blues.

The Blues songs have become very important to of American music. Many new guitar players start by listening to the blues and by listening to famous artist like B.B. King, Bo Dudley, Eric Clapton, Howling’ Wolf, and Robert Johnson. All these are the legends of the blues and their music wins the hearts of many Americans still today. A history of Blues illustrates the important points about American popular culture. Even the music is playing an important part in education and schools systems in the United States. Remember that Blues evolved into many other forms of music and shaped the American music to what it is today.

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