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Southland Season 3 Episode 8 Preview: Fixing a Hole

Another exciting episode on
Southland Season 3.

Fixing a Hole
is the title of episode 8 airing next week. Find out how this
episode (s03 e 08) pans out when
Fixing a Hole
airs on February 22, 2011. Watch out for more
Southland season 3 spoilers
including the preview video of
Southland Season 3 Episode 8
: Fixing a Hole to be posted here soon.

Southland Season 3 Episode 8 "The Winds" Synopsis:

Sammy Bryant looks for answers to his problems in the desert, as Detectives Adams and Ochoa babysit an important alcoholic witness before a murder trial. Officers Cooper and Sherman disregard standard procedure to help a needy child.

Previously on Southland season 3 episode 7: Sideways

Lydia is suspended from duty and bonds with an injured witness; Chickie is haunted by a high-speed chase; John tries to clean up a neighborhood.

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