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What is the best microphone for classical soprano/mezzo vocals?

I need a microphone to record vocals which are mainly classical or operatic, and am currently using a Shure SM58. Is there a better one out there for the same budget (<£300) that would sound better for a sopranos/mezzo sopranos voice?

the SM58 is great, I use one for live performances, you should be fine with it.

If you want the absolute best, look into condenser microphones. I'm not an expert on recording vocals, but if you'd allow me to compare vocals to an acoustic guitar, the condenser microphone I have, a Superlux CM-H8C, gives me a fuller sound, because it picks up noise from far beyond the range of a dynamic (SM58) microphone. Specifically, I get much closer to the real sound of the guitar, not just the sound of wherever the microphone is placed.

however, you'll need more equipment to pull off a recording session with a condenser (pop shield, sound dampening material, etc)

but that's a lot of work (and money), and the SM58 is great already. good luck

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