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My husband has a question about his 1989 Suzuki GS 500 motorcycle?

Ok so he bought the cycle and the key broke when he was opening the gas tank. I have called a local Suzuki shop and they advised me they could make a new key by using a number inside the starter ignition. (I was told by some that it could be done with using only VIN) Does anyone know what we really should do should we have to remove the ignition and is there really a number in there? We just thought that the Suzuki place did not sound that confident in what they were saying on the phone.

Don't necessarily trust Suzuki. You wouldn't believe the stories the Toyota helpline people told me when I tried to find out the trailer rating for a Camry. If they don't know, they don't like to say so, and sometimes they invent stuff.

You can get a new key cut by a locksmith - I've done it before for my Honda Nighthawk when I lost all the keys :) It costs about $20 to cut a key from a lock, more expensive than key-to-key, but that's less than a new Suzuki key would cost. They can probably do it from the gas tank lock (which is much easier to remove and take in to the shop) as long as the old broken key is not stuck in that lock. Otherwise you'll have to take off the ignition lock for them to cut the new key from the lock.

Hope it helps! To cut an original Suzuki key, sometimes they're coded by VIN, but sometimes the manufacturer actually doesn't keep track of what key goes to which bike! Incredible I know, but there it is. Good luck.

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