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How long does an unopened bottle of wine stay good??

I am referring to a bottle of wine that has never been opened.

in general bottles of white wine are good for about 3-5 years after vintage date( the year on tthe label) if there is no vintage date then I would not keep it for over 6 months at the most. Of course exceptions to this rule exist....certian non vintage champagne can last for years. Also a few quality high end whites can be good for 10 to 15 years.

Red wines are a completely different system cheap red wine (under $15) should be drank within 2 to 3years of the vintage. Better red wines (over 15 but under about 40) will last close to 10 or even more. Wines that are above that price range can be good for 20 or more.

My advice would be to get a vintage table off the internet and use that to gage the holding time for what you have.

Of course the best wines are timeless

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